I use a variety of techniques to adjust my patients to ensure that my patients are comfortable and healing properly. These techniques do not involve any popping, twisting, or discomfort. The Arthrostim provides one of the most effective and gentle adjustments. My patients, and even their doctors have been amazed with our results with shoulders, extremities, childhood growing pains, chronic age-related problems, and everything in between. I also use a Deep Muscle Stimulator, and electric muscle stimulation. These two therapies break the tiny contractile proteins apart and allow your muscles to return to their relaxed, comfortable state. These therapies are like a really intense massage and give our patients immediate relief. Along with bringing you immediate relief, it helps bring more blood and oxygen to damaged tissues and allows your body to release natural painkillers including endorphins. The influx of blood circulation to the damaged or sore muscle helps heal the muscle and tissue faster.